Thanos vs Justice League

The moon bathed Gotham in a pale white light. Beneath it, the city slept. Except for Bruce Wayne. Dressed in his cape and cowl, the Bat stood silent as a shadow in Crime Alley. He was waiting.

There was a sudden swirling of blue mist in front of Batman. It grew thicker and darker, spinning faster and growing wider, creating a vortex of blackness right in the heart of Gotham. And out stepped a monster. He was almost human in appearance, nearly seven feet tall and with the build of a warrior. Red blood was splattered on his golden armour and worn on the left hand was a gauntlet. It shone from the light of five glowing stones - red, orange, blue, green and purple. Reality, soul, space, time and power.
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"Thanos", said the Dark Knight, "I know what you want"

The Titan glanced at the person standing in front of him. Beside the Bat, on a slim stand rested a black, armoured suitcase. Batman opened the suitcase. A yellow glow emanated from within its confines.

"The mind stone", Thanos realised. His dream was within his grasp. The alley was narrow and on either side were tall dark buildings. Behind the Bat was a dead end. Did this freak in pointy ear suit think he stood a chance against the wielder of five infinity stones?

"Hand it over and your death shall be painless", Thanos said, holding out his gauntleted hand.

"If only reality were that simple" growled Batman.

"Reality is what I want it to be", smirked Thanos as he curled his left hand into a fist. The red stone started glowing brighter. "I have destroyed more worlds than you could count to get these Infinity Stones, to fulfil my ambition. I have sacrificed entire armies, mine own included, to get where I am. It has cost me everything. One delusional human in a costume makes no difference to me."

Woosh. Thanos reacted just in time as an arrow from behind whizzed past his head, grazing the gauntlet. A man dressed in green dropped down next to Batman. He had a quiver and a bow.

"How about two delusional humans in costumes?" asked Green Arrow, loading another arrow into his bow and pointing it at Thanos in one smooth motion, "And oh, before you say so, I do not miss."

Thanos turned his hand around. The Reality stone was missing. Batman put the arrow he had caught into the suitcase. There was a red light coming off it.

"Enough!" Thanos roared, enraged. "You will learn pain." The Titan charged at the two heroes.

"Oliver", whispered Batman.

"On it" replied Green Arrow as started firing arrows one after the other at the Mad Titan. Thanos deflected arrow after arrow effortlessly with his gauntlet.

"Oliver" there was urgency in Batman's voice as Thanos rapidly closed the distance between them.

"I'm trying" replied Oliver Queen through gritted teeth as he kept firing arrow after arrow.

Thanos grinned as all the arrows bounced harmlessly off his gauntlet. And he was not one to fall for the same trick twice. Not a single arrow hit any of his precious infinity stones. Arrow took a step back and loaded the last arrow in his quiver.

Thanos heard the desperation in Batman's voice, and it was satisfying. Oliver fired his last arrow. Others might have missed the tiny difference in arrow's trajectory, but not Thanos. He had fought thousands of time before today, and the trap was obvious to him. A complacent foe was the easiest to kill with a surprise blow. Instead of deflecting the arrow with his gauntlet, Thanos sidestepped it. The arrow whizzed harmlessly past him, hit a wall behind Thanos and exploded in a huge blast. Batman and Green Arrow shielded their eyes against the blaze.

In two strides Thanos had them both by their throats and lifted up the humans. Puny, he thought. Both of them were struggling and trying to escape his iron clutch as the titan choked them. Between the two dying humans and directly in front of him lay, destiny. The two infinity stones glinted from the depths of the suitcase.

Thanos felt life starting to leave Batman and Green Arrow. The soul stone began to glow.

"This was almost fun", Thanos smiled as his victims' struggles became weaker, "I hope they remember you"

Batman's hands fell limp beside him.

And quick as lightning, the hand came flying back up. A Batarang slammed into the soul stone in the gauntlet. Something slammed into Thanos's midrib, taking away his breath and throwing him backwards. It kept propelling Thanos backwards, though there was nothing that Thanos could see. The force threw him clear of Crime alley into the main street. Thanos slammed face first into the asphalt and lay still. He couldn't believe it. A complacent foe was the easiest to kill with a surprise blow. He checked his gauntlet. The soul stone was gone.

"Thanks, Manhunter", Thanos heard Batman say.

Thanos rolled over and jumped back up on his feet. A tall green man stood in front of him. Batman was putting away the soul stone into the suitcase.
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"Whatever a Martian can do, Batman", said the green man, never once taking his eyes off him.

"There are more of you" Thanos spat.

"Alfred. The big guns" whispered Batman.

"Affirmative" pat came the reply.

Two pure white headlamps turned on upstreet of Thanos. With a monstrous roar, the batmobile revved its engine and came thundering towards Thanos. There was no time to react. With a flex of his hand, Thanos activated the space stone. The Batmobile skidded to a stop in an empty street.

It was raining in this part of the world when Thanos fell out of his portal onto the beach. It was still daylight. Thanos rested on his knees. He had lost two of his stones. To two humans. Thanos felt repulsed, this was humiliation. This world would pay. Heavily. But he needed to get his stones back first. He couldn't afford to underestimate them anymore.


"You know these power portals are way easier to track than I thought they would be. Use VPN for god's sake man"

Thanos looked up. A man covered in a shining white metal was standing in front of him.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Cyborg. Half man half machine. Heavily injured, scientist father, mother box explosion. You know, the usual"

"Friend or foe," Thanos asked, getting up on his feet.

"Well.. friend I guess" Cyborg replied, "If you give me that gauntlet, stop trying to kill everyone and generally cease to exist. But of course, we could come to ...."

Thanos threw a punch at Cyborg. With lightning quick reflexes of an automaton, Cyborg blocked it.

"I have a metal arm dude what do you think you are doing" Cyborg cried as he threw a punch at Thanos. With the lightning quick reflexes of having trained for centuries, Thanos blocked it with his gauntlet.

"Did I mention nanotech?" Cyborg asked.

The hand Thanos had blocked liquified and covered itself around the Gauntlet.


"And that is an Einstein Rosen Bridge," said Cyborg as his sonic cannon fired. Thanos flew back and slammed into the portal Cyborg had opened.
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"Some also call it a Boom Bridge"



Batman put the space stone inside the suitcase. The four heroes - Batman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg- had gathered on the main street. A kid in red shirt beside them looking up at the night sky.

"How does Thanos get around if he can't fly?" the kid asked.

"You can't fly Billy" answered Martian Manhunter in his deadpan voice.

"Well I sort of can"

"It is Mercury's power. Don't get cocky kid" Cyborg said.

"Has anyone told you that being a superhero can also be fun" sulked Billy.


A boom tube opened far above them in the night sky and a tiny dot started falling down.

"Time to go, Billy," Green Arrow said.

"Wait wait," said Billy, "I want to see this. Thanos is falling, falling. And there is Hawkgirl! Wham! With a smack of her mace made from pure nth metal, she sends Thanos flying. Though he really can't fly. But you get me. And then there is Hawkman! Thanos tastes a mid-air mace again! And then there is the Green Lantern! Thanos is flying all around although he can't really..."

"Billy," said Batman.

"Okay, I am off. SHAZAM!" 
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A bolt of lightning hit Billy Batson, and Shazam took off into the night sky. Batman watched as Green Lantern held Thanos in a cage made from light and willpower. The cage suddenly faded and a bolt of blue lightning hit Thanos, slamming him down into the waters of Gotham Bay below.

Shazam, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Hawkman flew down beside Batman and the others. There was silence.

"Any moment now," Shazam said, his voice full of excitement.

A huge wall of water suddenly lifted off Gotham Harbour and hit the street in front of them. Water splashed everyone. Thanos lay on the street, his armour broken. Aquaman stood above him, in gold and green armour. He held the trident face down, the end piercing through Thanos' chest, pinning him to the ground. Thanos grunted as Aquaman drove the trident in deeper.

"You..." Thanos wheezed, "You... should have gone for the head"

The power stone quickly blazed and Thanos' fist flew towards Aquaman. But inches from him, the fist stopped. Thanos couldn't move it. A lasso had tied itself around his arm and was holding it down.

"And he would have," WonderWoman said, "except that Batman has a no-kill policy"

The Sword of Athena came flashing down. The Power stone flew clear of the gauntlet, Green Lantern caught it in a beam and placed the stone safely in the suitcase. Aquaman and WonderWoman jumped back and joined the others.

Thanos rolled onto all fours, spitting up blood. He had been outwitted, outnumbered and outpowered. He had never met such resistance before, and they had the audacity to steal from him. Thanos felt enraged. Only the time stone was left with him, but it would be enough. He had to regroup, and he would do it now, whenever now was.

The stone glowed green as time started to slow down. Thanos watched as the ten metahumans froze in place, time beginning to reverse for them. He didn't want to do this, the time stone drained him. But this was the only way, he was in the endgame now. He would go back and bring the Black Order with him. His army would come. This Earth, he will tear it apart. This was personal. They called him the Mad Titan, and it was time to prove it.

There was a flash of red and the flow of time suddenly started again for Thanos. He looked on astonished as an eleventh guy in red held the time stone in a tong and lowered it into the suitcase.
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"Time travel is kinda my thing around these parts you know," Flash said, "And it never did turn out well for me. Well, mostly."

Thanos looked down at his gauntlet. It no longer glowed. He roared in anger. How could this be! He had defeated the mightiest heroes in his universe. And he was so close. How could he... no! The Universe required salvation. He would bring it. Thanos ripped the gauntlet from his arm and threw it away. He got up on his feet. He roared again, anger and frustration burning his veins.

"We will do this the old fashioned day then," he said, his eyes like coals.

"Underoos" Shazam called out.

There was a sudden gust and Thanos was no longer on Earth.


"Will the Phantom Zone hold him?" Superman asked. Superman and Batman were alone on crime alley, all the others had departed.

"Without his stones, Thanos is powerless. He messed with the wrong universe. The phantom zone is safe." Batman replied as he placed the Infinity Suitcase in the batmobile and climbed in.

"And what are you going to do with those" Superman gestured to the suitcase.

"Returning them to their universe. Ours has enough trouble on its own"

"You should have let me fight him sooner"

"I had time to plan. I rand 14,000,605 simulations. And this was the best one." Batman looked at Superman and allowed himself a smile. "And after all, you always were allergic to green space rocks"

Superman laughed. "And how did you know the stones could be removed from the gauntlet only when they were activated?"

"Because", Batman smiled again as the Batmobile's hatch closed, "I am Batman."

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