Gender Inequality and Evolutionary Psychology



Due to years of evolution, females have specialized in child care and males in hunting. Hence, females have better social and language skills, and are thus over represented in care giving jobs such as nurses, teaching, social workers. Men are over represented in jobs having risk - logging, mining, fishing, construction workers, sheet metal workers etc - and in fields needing spatial abilities and analytical thinking such as research and engineering(~hunting). Thus, more than equal numbers, equal opportunity work, taking into consideration these broad evolutionary differences, is what should be focused on.


The past is not the future. Understanding human behavior is not justifying it. What is natural is not necessarily right. Even if man and woman have evolved differently and have adapted different specializations to survive in a hostile environment, it is our moral obligation now as just creatures to bring in equality. Evolution is a mindless process to maximize survivability, not quality of life. Further, in recent years we have seen more men take up household chores and find more pleasure in spending time with children, even as more and more women take up high risk roles. If millennia of evolutionary psychology can be overturned in the short span of a few generations, it would be a fallacy to make it the foundation of explaining away inequalities as 'natural'.

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